Although it’s not one of the more popular essential oils, Clary Sage is one of the most soothing, balancing and relaxing of all the oils. When inhaled, it has a woodsy herbaceous scent that relaxes the body and quiets the mind!
Clary sage has many properties that contribute to your overall wellness and is a MUST have oil especially for women, helping to support hormones and balance emotion. With a multitude of benefits I wanted to share some of the wonderful benefits of using this oil.
Monthly Support
This is an amazing essential oil for that all too familiar time of the month. Clary sage essential oil can help with menstrual discomfort when applied topically. Diffuse in the home to help regulate hormones and balance mood swings. Clary sage is also known for bringing to confusing situations.

I rely on doTERRA’s Monthly Blend for Women called Clary Calm each and every month and as the name suggests in includes clary sage! You can learn more about Clary Calm here.

Skin Care
Clary sage essential oil not only promotes a calm environment it is calming for the skin. Can be combined with Rosemary in a bath or applied topically after diluting. Clary sage oil is often added to creams, soaps and lotions because of its amazing skin benefits.
Safety Note: If you are using essential oils in your bath in is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you mix your essential oil with epsom salts first before adding it to the bath.
Hair Growth
Clary sage is often used as a DIY shampoo to promote healthy hair and scalp. It’s known to stimulate hair growth, treat the scalp and fight dandruff.
A powerful relaxant, Clary sage essential oil can calm the nervous system during times of depression, stress or grief. Clary sage is a favorite for those with anxiety and promotes restful sleep for those with insomnia. The relaxing and calming properties of clary sage are extremely effective and worth the price tag.

There are many that shout the benefits of clary sage essential oil for improving sexual performance and boosting libido. If you want to set your love life on fire, try it!

Although closely related, Clary sage is different than the white sage that is most common; be sure you know which you are buying. Because of its potency it’s extremely important that you dilute the oil prior to using.
I can’t stress enough how important Clary sage essential oil is to women. It’s a true gift from Mother Nature and women especially respond well. Clary sage can help your emotions stay grounded, give you clarity and purpose when making decisions while enhancing your confidence with beautiful skin and awaken your sexuality.

How do you use Clary Sage Essential Oil?

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