Yes. I use to be the one that picked up that artificial and full of synthetic fragrance Carpet Deodoriser from the cleaning aisle at Woolworths.

Bring it home and applying to my carpets 15 minutes before I vacuumed. However every time I sprinkled the powder on to my carpet to deodorise and refreshen, I would sneeze and sneeze again to only realise the scent had play up with my senses and my eyes have become itchy!

I thought to myself .. this can’t be good! Why can’t my oils do what this cheap and nasty carpet deodoriser is doing! So I research and played around with something  until it worked!!!

I bring to you … not only a carpet deodoriser, but a carpet cleaner!

It leaves my carpets clean and fresh.. It honestly revamps my carpet that has been played on by my kids, laid on to watch their favourite shows and read their favourite books.

I know now, that I don’t have tiny toxic powdered chemicals left behind in the nook and crannies of my carpet notches … but a safe and non toxic cleaner that is non harmful for my children and no more reactions for me each and every time I use it.

Amazing to say the least!



2 cups of baking soda

10 drops your favourite dōTERRA essential oil

We recommend: Purify, Eucalyptus, Lavender or dōTERRA® Easy air


Add essential oil to baking soda and stir until combined

Sprinkle mixture over carpet

Let rest for 1-2 hours

Vacuum clean

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