Millions of children in this world have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and show symptoms like impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity. While there are several prescription drugs are available in the market to control the symptoms of ADHD, most popular drugs like Ritalin often have unwanted side effects.

Ritalin may cause permanent nerve tics as well as growth retardation in kids by interfering with the cycles of growth hormones secretion. Research in the last 3 decades has found that inhalation of Essential Oils can significantly help children suffering from this condition. Essential Oils are the substances that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier to heal the brain directly, making them an effective treatment option for ADHD and other mental disorders.

The past 4 weeks, I have been doing a case study at my daughters daycare centre and I have been truly blown away by the results with diffusing the oils in the environment and 3 mums allowing the oils to be applied to be base on the spine when the child has been in a hyperactive and impulsive behaviour.  We still have 2 weeks to ago to the end of the case study, but so far the results have been amazing !!!

Here Are Some Of The Best Essential Oils That Are Proven To Be Effective In The Treatment Of Disorders Like ADHD

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

Research has found that Ylang Ylang Oil has sedative effects that are measured by the decrease in blood pressure and pulse rates. In addition, it can considerably elevate the attentiveness and the feeling of content if inhaled in right amounts. Ylang ylang will be a great treatment alternative for those suffering from ADHD and problems like inattentive behavior.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender: I use this oil for its qualities of serotoin .. Calming and grounding within our brain activity. These are the qualities I have found useful in the treatment of problems like ADHD and depression. Additionally, there are several compounds present in Lavender that have sedative effects.

This Oil has also been broadly analyzed for its soothing effects. Studies have reported that Lavender Oil can bring about soothing effects, improved moods, and better concentration. The soothing effects of Lavender Oil are there due to its ingredients like linalool and linalyl acetate found in the science wheel.

Lavender Oil is also known to improve the performance and minimize mental stress. Scientists have found that inhaling Lavender Oil elevates the level of beta waves in the brain, allowing the brain to unwind easily and improve its cognitive performance. One of the many benefits of Lavender Oil is that it helps in calming the mind and improves the concentration.

Cilantro Essential Oil

There’s a very encouraging evidence supporting the fact that Cilantro Oil helps in addressing the concerns related to the presence of excess heavy metal toxins found in children suffering with behavior disorders like ADHD. Cilantro Oil has high anti-depressant, anti-microbe, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, lead-cleansing and neuro-protective qualities. One study examined lead-caused alterations in test subjects and concluded that administration of Cilantro Oil extracts reduces the extent at which lead gets deposited in the body. Another study confirmed that the lead-protective qualities of Cilantro Oil could cause substantial decrease in the lead concentration levels of the body. Cilantro Oil suppresses the lead content in the body through a process called chelation. Cilantro Oil can also help you get rid of mercury as it is known to binding itself with the mercury.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Melaleuca Oil is highly regarded for its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial qualities. Inhalation of this Essential Oil can improve the defense mechanisms of the body by growing its immune cells. This Oil is also known to help patients with ADHD due to its anti-inflammatory effects, help to the defense mechanisms of the body by growing its immunoglobulin cells, which are often jeopardized because of gastro-intestinal problems, and anti-yeast and anti-microbial affects that suppress the clostridia and candidiasis overgrowth, which is often found in patients suffering from ADHD disorders.

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

Cedarwood Oil is probably the most ancient of all of the Essential Oils. It helps you to oxygenate the brain, resulting in clearness of thought. This Oil comes from the Cedar tree and is known to activate the limbic region of the brain, which is responsible for balancing the feelings. Additionally, it stimulates the pinneal gland, which can help regulate melatonin. Furthermore, Cedarwood Oil has a soothing effect, especially when diffused into the air.

Studies have concluded that this oil could effectively treat ADHD due to its soothing and cleansing qualities. Whenever I feel depressed and low, I just diffuse six or seven drops of Cederwood into the air. It’s not a miracle, nevertheless it helps me to feel encouraged and concentrate on my work. You can also use this oil on your skin for the same effect. Some people use Cedarwood just for its great smell. It can make your entire premises smell like a forest! Like citrus fresh, it’s also an excellent air freshener.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Oil is the Essential Oil that is talked about, when it comes to management of ADHD. Vetiver is basically a grass that has a branched root. This root is used to produce the Essential Oil through the process of distillation. Vetiver is grown in many regions due to its anti-erosion effects on the soil. Its widespread roots will help to hold the soil together and stabilize the land. When used on humans, this same stabilizing quality helps them to not fall apart emotionally.

Vetiver comes with an intense “grounding quality”. It allows us to stay in contact with ourselves and feel the needs of our body. It’s also good for individuals who use their hearts more than their brains. In addition to helping the rational people in making their lives better, Vetiver Oil can help those that feel nervous, tense or exhausted. It releases the tension and provides you with strength, energy and re-growth. Due to its warm, deep and adopting quality, it will help you in becoming more calm and tolerant towards yourselves, your sorrows, your emotional issues and towards your environment. This is what is required for overcoming problems like ADHD.

The scent of Vetiver Oil is so strong that you just need a little bit of it. About 1 drop of Vetiver Oil in 50 ml carrier Oil or alcohol is going to be enough. In order to thin the Oil and have easy access, you can warm the bottle for 4-5 minutes.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Eastern orthodox priests use Frankincense Oil in their worship. The different Oil blends they use include Frankincense Oil as an essential ingredient. Just like Cedarwood, this Oil activates the limbic system, which is the memory center of the brain. Additionally, it helps in stimulating the pituary, pineal and hypothalamus glands.

Past research has shown that aromatically using one Oil at a time, 3 times in a day, for one month is very beneficial in the treatment of ADHD. It’s thought that the inhalation of Essential Oils can settle the brain waves in children suffering from ADHD and make them normal again.

With Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Vetiver Oil increasing the performance of ADHD in children by 53 percent, 83 percent and 100 percent respectively, a significant improvement can also be seen in the behavioural patterns and scholastic performance of the children being treated with Essential Oils.

Rubbing Vetiver Oil at the base of toes, where brain reflexology points exist, can help control impulses caused by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In brain scans, Vetiver Oil was found to be most effective giving the best possible results.

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