Essential oils can benefit your everyday life in every room of your home, and the nursery is a great place to keep certain products on hand. Whether you’re just starting a family, or creating a special room for a new child, here are a few examples of how you can use doTERRA Essential oils in your nursery.


Lavender—One of the many benefits of Lavender is its calming properties. Lavender oil has been used for centuries to soothe skin, ease feelings of tension, and promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and mist sheets to promote feelings of restful sleep.

You might also try diluting a drop of Lavender with coconut oil for a soothing bedtime massage.

doTERRA Touch Kit— Which are convenient 10 mL roll-on bottles all of which are the same oils from our Most Popular Mothers Kit — Home Essentials.

The 10ml roller bottle touch kits are diluted with fractionated coconut oil—ideal for sensitive skin. Keep a bottle of Lavender, Frankincense, Tea Tree , Easy Air and DigestZen, Touch applicators in a drawer for easy access to meet your family’s needs.

Essential Oil Nappy Rash Cream—This simple 3 ingredient Nappy Rash Cream uses Lavender and Tea Tree oils to soothe skin from irritation. Melaleuca, or Tea Tree oil, is another product known for its skin-benefiting properties, making it a great addition to this DIY. Apply cream as needed for cooling relief.

Balance and Roman Chamomile in the DŌTERRA Range are both amazing oils for provide calming, grounding effects. Diffuse these oils during the day or at night to ease feelings of tension or nervousness, and to add a pleasant aroma.

Lavender Peace – is my go to to settle my Little a Ones into a slumber sleep. I apply to their favourite blanket or stuffed toy of love. Settling them down to a dreamy contented 10 mins before bed. It can also be placed in their bedroom diffuser to help your little ones breathe in the amazing aroma benefits through the night.

Got a Cold ? – Easy Air, On Guard and Lemon are your child respiratory best friend!

Apply with your touch kit to the soles of their feet, or use your home essential 15ml bottles and place 1-2 drops of each Oil in their bedroom diffuser. Easy Air will allow them to breathe better through the night. On Guard’s antiviral properties will go to work and fight off the nasties that have take camp and Lemon will help with the niggle cough that keeps them from their restful sleep.

Teething – The nights have been to the point where you just wish you could take the pain away. Lavender and White Fir are the oils to help your little ones pain. Apply 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of White Fir with a roller bottle filled with fractioned coconut oil and apply to your babies jawline. This will help soothe the inflamed gums that are raging with pain and uncomfortability for our little ones and relax your infant along with mummy’s cuddles.

Note — White fir can also be used undiluted.

EXTREME MOLER PAIN – 1 drop of Clove oil mixed with a teaspoon of fractioned coconut oil have been a god send and pain stopper for my son.

Bongela is full of keratolytic and mildly antiseptic salicylic acid in the form of its salt choline salicylate and the antiseptic cetalkonium chloride as active ingredients.

I am all for placing natural oils to help and relieve over..  Active Ingredients, that in the long run give my child loose bowels and the pain cries still occuring.

Bumps, Grazes and Scratches -Tree Touch to the rescue. Wash your child’s bump with Luke warm water and apply your Tea Tree Touch or 2 drops from 15ml bottle/plus tsp of FCO to help clean and sanitise your child graze. Lavender and Frankincense Touch will help the skin to repair and your child be back to normal and the owie pain gone in no time.

Digestzen – Alleviates the sore tummy pains that keep them up at night or during the day will the mulligrubbles.. Yes the ones that have their smile upside down. 😦

Digestzen helps with Colic or tummy pains If a baby has a tummy upset, gently massage diluted wild orange or DigestZen on the baby’s abdomen.
Constipation: Dilute 1 to 2 drops of Rosemary and Digestzen oil in 2 tablespoons carrier oil and massage on stomach and the bottoms of baby’s feet.

Earache & Ear Infections: Tea Tree, Lavender – Dilute 1-2 drops of Tea Tree and/or Lavender around the ear (NOT inside the ear) along the back of the cheek bone down & around behind the ear.
*May also rub on reflex points on the feet and hands. – Conveniently Touch Roller bottles rolled around babies ear will work the same and diluted for your ease!

Jaundice: Geranium – Apply 1 drop of Geranium oil with a tsp of carrier oil and apply on liver area or bottom of feet. (Do NOT apply oils within 30 minutes before or after UVA light treatment).

Myrrh – Forget the salty way

Runny Nose: Rub 1-2 drops of Lemon on feet or down spine.

Mum’s & Dad’s doTERRA Longlife Vitality Pack are a must – The little ones aren’t the only ones spending hours at a time in the nursery every day. Mom and dad need the benefits of essential oils too in order to keep up with all the excitement.
The three core products of the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program—Alpha CRS®+, xEO Mega®, and Microplex VMz®—are formulated to provide you with targeted levels of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity.

Mum’s and Dad’s … Store your Long Life Vitality Vitamins nearby to support your body’s natural functions and help provide the energy you need throughout the day.

Extra Notes —-

doTERRA essential oils are safe and gentle enough to use on newborns and babies, but some things to keep in mind:
– Always dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil) before using it on your baby. Babies and for children under 3 years old, add 1-2 drops of essential oil to 1-2 tablespoons of carrier oil.
Take care not to get the oil on your baby’s hands because they may rub their eyes.
– If an essential oil accidentally gets into a baby’s eye, dilute with a vegetable oil, such as olive oil or fractionated coconut oil, NOT with water as it drives the oil deeper.
– Use only diluted essential oils in the bath. Babies have very sensitive skin.
– Only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils on your baby’s sensitive skin.

All DŌTERRA Essential oils have been harvested and filtered to be 100% Certified Pure Therapedic Grade Essential Oils …. For your Peace of Mind with your children.

Resources – dŌTERRA and my knowledge, research, use and understanding of the oils xxx

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