Everywhere in this country, children from preschool up to high school are preparing to go on school holidays in a few days time. Staying at home and being amongst their own surroundings for two weeks makes their hearts sings … but going back to school,  All that change, separation, anxiety and peer pressure may be, at times, too much for young people to deal with. Naturally, it is quite common to find children and young adults a little nervous or edgy around this season. As adults, we can help and support them by providing a calming and reassuring atmosphere with the use of essential oils.
To calm anxiety, hyperactivity and restlessness: Lavender essential oil.

To balance out emotions and control mood swings, over-excitement, temper tantrums and anxiety attacks: Wild Orange essential oil.

To help your child move through the different transitions with ease and grace: Cypress essential oil.

To ease fear, anger, depression and anxiety: Bergamot essential oil.

Create your own “Child Soothing Blend”: 10ml roller bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil ……………. 10 drops of Lavender essential oil 10 drops of Bergamot essential oil 10 drops of Wild Orange essential oil 10 drops of Cypress essential oil.

Add them to your 10ml roller bottle, filled with Fractionated Coconut Oil.. shake well and use this oil to give your child a loving massage in the evenings. If they are not used to massages, you can start by gently applying the oil to their hands – just a small amount is enough and will be well absorbed through the skin.

With the older children allow them to take to school and roll on like a pure-fume and this will help their anxiety and emotional state during the day. Great for the big kids!

I have found for the little ones massages have helped their children feel more at ease and stay healthier. Massage time is a great way to bond with your child.

The caring touch of a parent can help children outgrow their fears, anxiety, anger and frustration.

A massage can induce a peaceful night’s sleep so that your kids wake up in a good mood and are ready to start a new day. I also like to have them rub this blend on their solar plexus area, while they do that, tell them to visualize that all the worries and fears go away.

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