As dōTERRA wellness advocates we want to help you achieve all your health and wellness goals.

If you choose to share with others as we have, we would love to help guide you and take you along this wonderful journey with us.

You can be a part of our Oily Team and take the step to a healthier lifestyle with dōTERRA!

Our mission is to help people learn to advocate for their own health and learn how to promote wellness in their home using natural, safe, effective products.

Our goal is to make a difference by showing as many people as possible the healing benefits of using essential oils.

We want to reach out and help people change their lives by using a natural solution and also give them the opportunity to have financial freedom by growing their own essential oil business.

Why dōTERRA?…
because the owners of the company have integrity, they want nothing but the best for the company and all the products. doTERRA essential oils are unlike any other essential oils on the market today.

As a company, dōTERRA teaches us all how to become debt free because doTERRA is! How many companies can say that?…The answer is not very many!

From the endless benefits that doTERRA essential oils and products offer to the co-impact sourcing that doTERRA is doing with the wonderful farmers that harvest these amazing oils from all around the world.

You have the once in a lifetime opportunity to impact others by sharing. You can only imagine the impact that you and just one drop of oil can do to change someone’s life. Along with that, you get to share in the experience knowing that you are helping others by improving their lives.

As wellness advocates we know that this amazing company gives back in so many ways by helping the less fortunate through the Healing Hands Foundation to us as wellness advocates in the form of the LRP program and all the added bonuses.

Let’s start with the dōTERRA compensation plan which is the best in the industry. It is not “front loaded” like most mlm companies which means the deeper you grow your team/downline the more the compensation plan pays out…thus creating yourself residual income!


There are several ways to earn from dōTERRA.

  1. The traditional way is retail sales. (Someone purchasing retail from your doTERRA website)
  2. Fast Start Bonus is paid out weekly. This means you can earn 20% by enrolling others and 20% on any orders they place within their first 60 days.
  3. Unilevel is paid out monthly. After an enrollment’s first 60 days is up, you will begin earning unilevel commission on any of their future orders. The deeper the enrollees are in your downline, the more you get paid!
  4. Power of Three Bonus is paid out monthly as well. It consists of enrolling others and building a downline of people. The first bonus will start by simply having 3 people on your first level doing a minimum of 100pv Loyalty Rewards Program Order.

Are you ready for an opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime? Will you choose to have financial freedom with a company that has a 65% global retention rate. Which is unheard of in the network marketing industry!

With 73% of the population looking for natural solutions for their health.


Work with Me and Our team of Free Spirited Soul riders!
To Build Your Own Business..

Be Your Own Boss..

Achieve Financial Freedom..Supplement your Current Income or Replace your Income!

Have A Job That Helps Others..Its All About Sharing!

Be Apart Of The Largest Essential Oil Company In The World

Get Rewarded From A Very Generous Compensation Plan

Create Residual Income For Yourself & Your Family

Have Support From Us!

Our team is completely committed to making sure you have all the help you need: whether you need to know how to use your oils (“How many drops should I put in my diffuser?“) or how to create a powerful income stream; we are only ever a text, call, or email away.

doTERRA is a fantastic company for work-at-home or stay at home moms, bloggers and anyone looking for supplemental or full-time income. Do you enjoy helping others? Do you enjoy setting your own hours?

Do you enjoy working closely with others who have the same passion? If you decide to join Our team, you will be proud to represent the best essential oil company in the world, helping others and yourself to a healthier, more happier lifestyle.

The best thing about building your business with doTERRA is there’s NO startup costs, NO inventory, NO collecting orders, NO delivering products, etc…all you do is simply help people open their own wholesale accounts.


That’s All! Just share with your friends, family, co workers, teachers, hairstylists, chiropractors, and so on…all you have to do is share your story with them about how doTERRA essential oils helped you and how they can help THEM!

By doing so, you will build your own Team and start to reach your goals! By joining us, you will have support from our up line leaders as well as all of Team On the Rising Sisters Tribe and therefore we are here to help equip you with whatever information you need to succeed.

You will have access to several secret groups and training’s where you will have unlimited information and help at your fingertips!

Becoming a Sharer or Builder, you will soon realize that it is so rewarding knowing you are truly changing peoples lives and in return it’s changing yours also!

Now is the perfect time, join us in the doTERRA journey and lets start changing lives together!!

Get Started by Joining My Team!


If this is for you! Contact Me ❤

Much Love,

Elissa xx


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