||Protecting YOU!||
This is a hot topic that sits hot on my heart when it comes to honouring YOU and protecting your energy. It’s choosing yourself in all situations and actions from others that deflate YOU! You know the ones that aren’t equal …
you get me yeah ?!

It’s knowing the difference from the people that take your good energy, zap the goodness from you and run with it
|| Energy Vampires ||

Protecting yourself is a act of self love
it’s a act of self care
It’s a choice you can make to honour you!

It’s really holding on to what you have deep down inside of you and yesss taking the big step to honouring all of YOU!

I have always been the one to give TO MUCH, to overdeliver, in the exchange of it all, I feel deflated by these continuous actions.
Yep the fucked feels!!!

With writing the copy for Series 1 of Consciously YOU! …. I have come to realise your KNOWLEDGE is your Power.
Its who you are….
where you have come..
what you have experienced…
This is sacred to those you wish to share it with. Because you have walked the path..
For everyone else there’s a lesson …
Give” BUT don’t overdeliver 🙌🏻

I use tools to aid in Protecting myself .. to aid in self love .. to boldly and bravely stand up for you and walk away from what no longer serves you!

||TOOL|| Tea Tree – Oil of Energetic Boundaries . This oil helps with energy leaks, yep the ones that leave you flat, used and deflated! Tea Tree helps you to honour your worth, your boundaries, to become clear in what needs to change in order for you to be

||TOOL|| Geranium – Love and Trust .. this oil brings it back to you, she tells you that self care and love in necessary! That you will be fine if you look within and follow that sign and has been shown to you. You know the way Queen.

||TOOL|| Frankincense – the oil of Truth 🙌🏻
Will help me to navigate my way. To feel that the dark will lift into the light and to know that all is well from here on end ❤️

Protecting you is Self love , it’s loving yourself when you feel taken advantage of!

It is choosing yourself when you feel rejected or abandoned.

you see it ..
you feel it ..
you change your direction
It’s here that lessons are learnt and new ways can be seeded.. with showing the way, others will also see their truth .. when you are CONSCIOUSLY YOU!

Love Elissa xx

Love the vibe of my series .. this is just the start. Catch more on instagram IGTV & Posts @elissacoombes
Love to see you there x

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