How’s your motherhood journey going? For me, it has been a mixture of highs and lows, sometimes minutes apart. 

We are often told to ‘enjoy every minute; it goes quickly,’ and yet sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to make it to the time when we can pour that glass of wine and turn on Netflix.

When I first became a mother 17 years ago, I was surprised by my struggle. I felt anxious. I was overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility, my unrealistic expectations, and a sense of being woefully unqualified for the most critical job. 

Then when number 2 and then 3 came along the same PND came along again to raise its head and tell me in my own mind … Your not doing it right. You can’t do this. How can you keep on going. 

Do we ever think we’re doing it right ? 

There no manual to being a mum … we make mistakes along this road of motherhood and we have so many ups as well. 

R U OK DAY … should be everyday ❤️

We are all here to talk, to share, to have coffee. Each and everyone of us parent differently in some way.. nothings wrong or right 🙌🏻  Your not alone and that’s what matters xxx 


If it’s me or someone else … we are all here to help for something that is a short term problem ❤️❤️


There are some great resources to support you with this at

Here are some ideas as to how you can proactively manage your mental health:

Prioritise you — It is not selfish; it is self-preservation. It means that you can have more energy for your family, friends and work; and who benefits the most from that? Do what brings you joy more often. Fit your emergency mask before helping others. Stop putting it off. Take some small steps to make this happen for you. You know what you need; it is time to make it a priority. No one is going to rescue you; you have to look after you.

Be kind — In those moments when there is a chasm between your ‘ideal self’ and reality, talk to yourself like you would your best friend. This parenting gig (and the juggle with work) can be so hard; be compassionate.

Connect with people — As mamas all know the struggle well. I haven’t met a mama who has it all together all of the time. We all have days when we yell and feel like the worst mother on earth. We all have down days. We all have anxious moments. Talk with others. Share your challenging days as well as your awesome days. Chances are, others have been there, too ❤️

Make an appointment with your GP — If you’ve been struggling for a while, speak with your GP about how you’ve been feeling. Ask for help. Get a referral to a psychologist. You can access up to six sessions for free or at least subsidised, and a professional can guide you through what to do.

How to help others:

Ask your friends R U OK? — You may not have heard from someone in a while, or you noticed she didn’t seem herself when you last caught up. Ask her if she is OK and be with her. Look into her eyes and be present. Listen to her without judgement and without solving her problems. Ask her how she can take action and offer your support. Then follow up. There are many resources to support you at

Be honest about your struggles with friends — Your vulnerability and transparency normalises things for others and opens the door for people to share their own concerns.

Do random acts of kindness — See a mama crying at drop off? Put a ‘You’re awesome!’ card in her letterbox or on her car. Pay for a coffee in advance at your local café and ask that it be gifted to a mum with a newborn. Leave a meal on the doorstep of a mama you know who is having a rough time. The benefits to the giver are possibly more than to the receiver!

If you or someone you know is struggling, there are some wonderful organisations that can help. Don’t be afraid to ask.

One thought on “Your Not Alone

  1. This is amazing support on its own …Absolutely the highs and lows, thats the reality of parenting and with these tools and guidance we can keep working on being the best version of ourselves as parents!!

    Thank you for sharing 😘😘😘


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