Nikki Harris

A truly Empowering and Inspirational soul

I’m pretty blessed to say that I have got to have Elissa from Inspiring Love as an adored Soul sister of mine for many years now and in that time have definitely formed a true and beautiful bond of love and friendship..
But over the past 16 months I’ve endured some personal struggles where i really had to call upon her for a lot of guidance and for more of a mentor roll as she has so many amazing qualities I admire and truly seek for myself and my path in life..
I’ve struggled majorly with my self worth and body image and with Elissa caring soft words of encouragement and the way she uplifts me positive words of advice and her excepting nature she’s helped me build myself esteem to a point were I can now say that I happy being in my skin and the woman I see in the mirror..
This has all been in combination with one of the best life changing things Elissa has bought to my life and helped me like nothing else ever has and that’s when she introduced me to DoTERRA Essential oils
Now I honestly can’t live without them
Elissa on a weekly basis works with me with the emotional side of the oils and in doing things she’s helped me pin point the different areas of my life that have been holding me back and causing me to struggle in ways I did not even know,her knowledge is above and beyond but because of her caring and patient nature we have been able to really help me heal and move forward with my life..
I find her so inspiring and empowering as a woman and I am truly blessed to have her as a woman in my life to learn and grow from can’t thank her enough for what she’s bought to my life

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Liz Kretchmer

Elissa is a soft hearted kind & caring soul. Who will take you under her wing and guide you with your journey with doterra. She is a book full of knowledge when it comes essential oils and one of her qualities is she can feel into what oil you need to support you through your emotions, change or next chapter in your life.

Elissa has helped me on my doterra journey with her love and guidance, and the oils have helped support my life in a healthy and healing way. I cant live without my oils, I use them religiously each and everyday.

Elissa is a shining light. It’s been a blessing to work her and have her in my life.


Samantha Price – Director in Early Childhood

Thank you Elissa Coombes for answering my curiosity about essential oils. After buying a diffuser I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure where to start and didn’t want to harm my family when my intention was to help create a beneficial environment for our little boy.
I have have trusted you for years with my hair and knew I could trust you completely with advice on oils.
I used a few drops of lavender peace yesterday on my little boys pillow for nap/night sleep and he was asleep in seconds and then today I noticed he had a sniffle and used easy air, what a great nap he had today. He slept for hours. I have used the lavender piece as well through the day, our house was amazingly calm and smelt beautiful.
I can’t wait to introduce them to my preschool environment. I can see essential oil play dough on the list.


Grace Balzan

Got my kit today and my little man loves it , got the sickness blend going and it’s helping everyone breathe easier.  I also tried the ice blue on my sore shoulder and already have results . And not to mention my
House smells amazing and so
Relaxing and calming.

I am loving Peppermint and easy air together and rub on neck and temples and behind ears. Clears up my sinus I feel amazing! Thankyou Elissa Coombes