WELL ….. I would love to be the one that can change your way of living

Hello Lovely

 I welcome you to the full hearted and nourished way to use essential oils and how they can help your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Enviromental Ways .. Essential oils will fit into your life and help you embrace everything you need to feel balance, harmony and the best outcome for yourself, friends and your family. I feel you are a little curious about essential oils and want to know more insights to the amazing world of essential oil living.


 You may already be totally conspired and ready to start your oil journey.

Well I am here to explain to you the amazing love, guidance and overall help with every part of doterra and what you will need to start with these beautiful oils too.


I remember the first time I cracked open a bottle of essential oil.. Balance was actually my first buy and still to this day holds a special place in my heart.

It was the aid I was looking for to allow me to breathe, to assure me everything is ok .. it was like a sense of lost was actually found!

After my first purchase at a Mind Body and Soul Festival Store …. my love and life needed to know more. How can one bottle do soooo much. It was the start to my emotional healing.

My First kit came straight to my door, and i was so eager to open the box and start using, playing and exploring the oils. They showed me what i had invested in!



I remember someone saying to me years ago … if something or someone sticks in your mind for a long period of time .. it is calling you, or need to rest it at peace. This was a calling .. one I will be very grateful for.


Are you ready to start too …

File 1-2-17, 8 56 58 pm.png


SO.. how you can receive the power of the oils within 7 days?

 “You will love the little purple box of goodness arriving to your door”

When you place your first wholesale order you will also receive:

  • A Welcome booklet with information about your oils and how to access your wholesale account in the future.
  • An email filled with practical uses so you have a understanding and go to regarding the wellness and power of the oils.
  • Access to my email series – beautiful essential oil blends and many different ways to use your oils. Amazing!!
  • Access to a private Facebook group with a whole lot of amazing oil lovers that share their ways they use their oils, daily questions and strong support 24/7
  • Amazing info right at your finger tips with Private Access to my Members Group Page.
  • And Me !!! I will be your support person when it comes to how you use your oils and what i can do to help you in Your Well-being, Your Physicality, Emotional Needs and the support and advice your family needs.

Don’t worry, when you receive the oils you aren’t alone. Im only a phone call or email away to guide and support you with your journey plus provide resources and ongoing support so you know exactly how to use the essential oils you have chose to use right now … for your health, family and home.


How to order:

Its a easy 1, 2, and 3. Follow the step by step instructions and that little purple box will be on its way.  However if your still not sure and need some guidance i would love to have a talk with you — Lets Connect Lovely xx


Select your Beautiful Essential Oil Starter Kit

Not sure on what it is that you want to start with or try. In the link below you will find a selection of all the beautiful essential oil starter kits and detailed descriptions to help you kick-start your way.

au_enrolment_kits_flyer_1          au_enrollment_kits_flyer_australia_new_zealand 2


Start with a $35.00 Introductory package (membership price) add your oils, your fractionated coconut oil to apply tropically + a diffuser … you will need one of these, you will be ready to rock and roll.


Ordering doesn’t get any easier. Simply to become a member and get started, Simply enter my online shop.. >>>> CLICK here !

**Choose Join & Save**
Select your language and country
Select – Local
Select – Wholesale
Enter your personal information ( this is kept very private)
At enroller ID, enter my number: 3424097 and click verify to make sure my name comes up – Elissa Coombes 
Set up your password
Choose the kit you would like.. plus any extra oils you may wish to add.
Enter your credit card details and process your order.

—— not wanting to be a member ——

There is one more option and that is to purchase your beautiful oils at Retail prices.

This would be just like your own exclusive shop where you can go in and buy when you want and ship straight to your door. But there no perks! You are just buying your oils … simply go to the 3 lines and click Shop Tab

Fill in your details and your Retail oils to get started.



Welcome Beautiful xx

How exciting for you! You are now a doterra exclusive member.

In 4-7 working days you will receive your orders to your door directly from doterra, Head Office in Melbourne. All ready for you to get started using them and YES!!! Becoming amazed with what they actually can do!

Also for all of my new members coming into my Community. You will receive from me a little welcome pack and a welcome email with all the info needed to get started. I’ll be there to support you on your new journey with essential oils and help you in all areas I can with a email or phone call away. There is so much happiness, support and financial freedom to be had.

Looking forward to connecting with you and empowering your life with essential oils. You are just to embark on a world of natural beauty for what our earth has to offer – changing the way!

Lovely .. Once you have made your first order … If we havent already connected …. Shoot me an email and let’s get connected.

I would love to meet with you!

Elissa xx

I’m all about Helping, Nurturing & Radiating your life with essential oils xx