W.H.Y Knowing your “why” is everything. Don’t stress to much if you don’t have your exact why for now .. it will come to you when you least expect it.

Your Why .. its what keeps the momentum no matter how you feel, the day your having or the challenges that lie ahead. Its what ensures you that YOU DONT GIVE UP!

Its the reason you continuously decide to “show up” and choose to take action day in and day out. Your desires for what you want in life are what should propel you forward. They tell you why they are important and why you will continue to show up for yourself and your team. The magic behind your “WHY” is everything.

It is your Power.


Going way back to my teenage years, I was always given the best of everything and never a chance went without anything – Materialistic that is!

I was sent to a beautiful school to get the best education possible in my grandparents distant vision and then later sending me off to a School Of Finishing & Etiquette to help build my confidence, assure my value of good manners and teach me on how to be a young lady. I finished and overall loved being apart of a college that was there to teach and help you grow into a young lady with the world at her feet. However in amongst the highs and the achievements that this gave to me… I still didn’t feel complete.

My grandparents were the safe and beautiful island to my ocean from the ages of 5 to 18, They raised me into the person that they wanted to be proud of. They always wanted the best for me and to this day, I will always be forever grateful!


You see I had everything that any growing up young adult would ever want! Living in a Inner Western Suburbs, and being raised with that Golden Spoon as some would say. But there was always something of me missing!


I had to grow up beyond my years, some would say alot faster than others. But reality is, I had too!
I have felt pain and loss.
I have been that muddy brown lotus on the bottom of the river bed.
I have been the teenager that did go from day to day with the unknown of what will be at the end of the day.
I was that young adult that needed direction in her future self.
I was that person that longed to find that someone that would be the very source that she needed to be, help her to be the very person she was yet to find.

Your probably thinking what has my story got to do with essential oils and how is this her WHY?
The answer is quite alot! I have been a carpet blanker. The person who would through things under the carpet because she didn’t want to deal with emotions, hurt, or even areas life she could not understand or even start to change.
Essential Oils were a total godsend! They have allowed me to deal with my emotions, cut through the bullshit that lied inside of me. Move the hurt, pain and mixed emotions that lay under the carpet & started working ON ME!! I realised how important it actually was. That my feelings and emotions were actually stopping me from growing. I lived in past hurt, resentment and grief of what I had lost but also what I didn’t have.

I was stuck in a rut.
It was like the universe was trying to tell me something or my dear mother, expressing to me that everything was going to be ok. I had been strong for so long that it was all I really knew how to do day in and day out.
Teenage years were hard. I struggled, fought and processed what I could back then for me to move from day to day! My struggle came from the unknown of my mothers safety and where or not she was tucked up in bed or out on the street some where. I am not proud of being a daughter who’s parent struggled through daily life due to a addiction. But I am not a ashamed of it either.

I have known what it is like to grow without your motherly guidance, I have been in the unknown of no man’s land and struggled to fit in many different spaces & surroundings. Why? because of judgement. Addiction isn’t something you wake up in the morning and want! Its is an occurance that happens when they are trying not to come to terms with life blows… losses… abuse… low self confidence… depression.

At the end of the day we will never understand it unless you walk the same path! I’m a firm believer of this and I have a very wide understanding when I too become a mum. My mum tried …. god I know she did! But the demon was to strong!
I lost mum in October of 1999… From here everything changed.

My understanding, my need, my assurance, my youth, my life !! She wasn’t here anymore.

I stopped feeling, to express meant that it was real. I blocked everything and everyone out. I felt I had to grow up and become what I thought I needed to be and everyday still work on what it is back in the earlier years that I learned to bury and place under my so called carpet… for my survival mode. With the use of essential oils I have found who it is that I love to be.. I FOUND ME!

“You See” I work on my emotions when they arise and I use my essential oils to guide me, ground me, encourage me, nourish me & uplift me up. They are the daily support that got me through many years of pain and I still do. But with using them for emotional support, I was able to see the light. I was able to heal and grow into a passionate woman who experienced what these oils can do.

I was evolving

I was healing

I was becoming empowered.

Some of you reading this may think .. “How in the world is that possible?” The answer to that is to have faith! Have faith in the person that you see is your tribe, your teacher, your support and see where the magic of these brown bottles can take you. Its earth’s precious gift to us, to take it and put it to good use from all areas of Wellness, Spiritual connections and emotional support at the time of need.

I started my doTERRA journey in June 2016 with no knowing as to what I was doing or even where this was going to take me. Today I can tell you one thing ” I cannot live a day without my oils”. But something that even more special is how many lives and homes I have changed and empowered in the process. This gets me to my next why!

Feel Me here –

Peoples Homes

Peoples Families

Peoples Lives …. I AM CHANGING

I am helping others by sharing my experiences and they are seeing the same values in these brown bottles just like I do.

I am Connecting

I am Empowering

I am Inspiring




Waking up everyday and walking out to place my oils on my body and in my diffuser for support will always be my choice and what makes me happy.

I am doing something for ME!

I am growing a flourishing business teaching and showing other mums and dads just like me that its possible to do the same. YES! Its possible to find YOU in the process of such a opportunity that I almost didn’t take up.

I am creating a future that myself and my children will be proud of.

I am looking into the future of what I can actually do and how so many lives they will benefit in the process. THIS IS AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST.


YOUR ‘WHY’ IS EVERYTHING AS YOU CAN SEE. It will be the very essence you love to do what you do and it will be the magical ingredient you will need when your doubt starts to creep in and the days get hard.

Remember why you started baby..” And The Rest is History!”

Elissa xx