I was walking along yesterday amongst the autumn trees folding over in a arch like way. With having dropping off under garments to nan at the nursing home ( still not allowed inside) I walked out and felt a overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude for my upbringing

Gratitude for the love

Gratitude that I was the one to now give back

And Gratitude that what we have right now is truly enough ❤️

From the past to present – acceptance and understanding is all we will need 🙌🏻

So when I got home I made up this new blend in the diffuser and of course in a little roller bottle for nights.

With this blend I give to you:

• Spikenard – Spikenard is a great oil for gratitude.  Not just any gratitude but especially the gratitude for things that haven’t gone right or don’t go right. We see them as trials, setbacks, and disappointments, but the wise amongst us see them as treasures full of learning and experience.  Spikenard helps us be happy for and despite the setback and undesired circumstances. It helps us accept reality-truth and create that inner contentment, peace, and power to create more good. Your path choose YOU!

• Wild Orange – Wild Orange reminds us about what we have to be grateful for. There is so much abundance of everything hiding in plain sight all around us.  Wild Orange allows us to soak it in, to experience generosity, and to count our blessings.

• Arborvitae – This oil fills our happy place/soul with grace from above.  We recognize blessings freely given daily without earning them. God gives you free stuff every day simply because He loves you.  Look up and look around. Stop and breathe in, look at the clouds, listen to the birds. Your world is full of things you just get, not because of having earned it, but because the world is abundant and good.  Arborvitae brings this truth to our remembrance. It supports gods nourishment, trust, peace, and surrender to the glorious, but being generously good of the world.

• Lavender – Lavender is safe. You are cared for and at peace. This oil reminds us of mental tranquility and assures us that we have plenty and are cared for. It’s like having the most supported pillow around you at all times. Breathe in and trust. This oil promotes an appreciation for everything we do and receive in life.

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